Integrating the Osteopathic Approach in Medicine

The mission of the Idaho Osteopathic Physicians Association is:


Excellence and accessibility of Osteopathic Medicine in Idaho


IOPA intends to achieve this mission by accomplishing the following goals:


1.      Aid and encourage those actively engaged in the practice of osteopathic medicine and surgery in the state of Idaho to maintain high standards of osteopathic practice.

2.      Encourage residency programs and educational opportunities for osteopathic physicians, students, interns and residents. 

3.      Collect and disseminate up-to-date information for the education and improvement of the profession.

4.      Encouraging active participation in the legislative process to advocate for our patients and our profession.

5.      Promote opportunities for fellowship among the osteopathic community in the State of Idaho.

6.      Educate the public on the benefits of Osteopathic Medicine.

7.      Promote professional relationships with other medical organizations.

8.      Support and encourage Osteopathic CME activities and programs in the state of Idaho.