Your  AOA News and Updates

Several  resolutions were passed at the Mid-Year meeting that will have an impact on state associations. A summary is listed below, and all resolutions can be viewed at through this link.

NB-5: Adds an osteopathic medical student, resident, and new physician in practice as an advisor to the AOA Board of Trustees, and include in executive sessions. These will be non-voting positions.

B-6: Specialty CME Policy – Changes general requirements for specialty CME credit
Specialty credit must be presented by a board certified physician with the following exceptions (Exceptions were previously on a case-by-case basis)
-Non physicians may be viewed on case-by-case basis by certifying board
- Residents (MD or DO) are automatically exempted
- Faculty of MD or DO school are automatically exempted

The requirement for the topic to applicable for the specialty still applies as do any other requirements from the individual specialty Board

B-9: Creates a task force to study CME specialty requirements
- Task force must include: SOSE, specialty colleges, BOS, certifying boards, and others

NB-1: Begins development of rules to create an AOA membership category for MDs

NB-3: Begins development of rulemaking to allow MDs to be eligible for AOA Board Certification

NB-4: Outline of AOA Strategic Plan
- Member Model, Value, and Relevance
- Enhance AOA Board Certification
- Support Affiliate Alignment
- International Impact
- Governance Alignment

B-13: Changes to AOA Bureaus, Councils, and Committees
Disband the following:
-Budgets adjustment subcommittee (handled by finance committee or task force)
-Bureau of communications (to be managed by task forces)
-Council of student affairs, interns, residents, and new physicians and replace with Bureau of Emerging Leaders
-Council of AOA Policy
-Council of AOA Building (handled by investment committee)
-Dale Dodson Education Fund Committee (handled by investment committee)
-Information Technology Advisory Bureau (handled by task forces)
-Osteopathic Family Relief Fund (handled by American Osteopathic Foundation)

  Changes to following:
- Adds member with experience in teaching health centers to Bureau of OGME Development
- Rename Bureau of Conventions to Bureau of OMED
- Combine Bureau of Osteopathic Clinical Education and Research with Council on Research
- Change membership on Bureau on Scientific Affairs
- Restore the following committees: Committee on Awards, Strategic Planning Committee with membership to include new     physicians in practice